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To find out more about the ACT test, click here.

To find out more about ACT's EPAS testing system, which includes the Explore and Plan tests, click here.


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When we look at test scores, we look at them over time, asking one main question: Have our students improved from where they started? We use this data to regularly tailor our curriculum to our student's needs. At Kensington Woods, we have a proven record continual success at students improving their scores over time, especially for those who started with us as 9th graders.

The Explore test is the first of three in the EPAS system. Students take the Explore test as a Freshman, the Plan as a Sophomore and the ACT as a Junior. The ACT is a strong indicator of college readiness skills and is used by the State of Michigan and most universities to evaluate a student's readiness for college and plays a strong role in the admissions process. At Kensington Woods, students take the Explore and the Plan as Freshmen and Sophomores not only to practice test taking but also to evaluate their skill set to allow for more growth.

2011 ACT

The chart below shows the growth over a three year period of Kensington Woods Students with 2+ years at Kensington Woods. The Explore test is taken as a Freshman, the Plan as a Sophomore and then the ACT is taken as a Junior.

The Juniors in 2011 added more than 6 points to their composite average between their Freshman and Junior year.

The KWHS ACT Composite Score in 2011 was 21.3, rising almost a full point from the previous year.

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2010 ACT

The chart below shows two things:

The ACT average for KWHS students with 2+ years at KWHS in 2010 was 20.5. The state average in 2009 was 19.6, almost a full point lower.

There is a steady, continual rise in student's test scores over time when students at KWHS. The Explore test is taken as a 9th grader, the Plan is taken as a 10th grader and the ACT is taken as an 11th grader. The ACT series of tests is a reliable indicator of college readiness skills.

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