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What People Are Saying

Below are some comments from students, parents and community members about the impact Kensington Woods has made in their life.

"I just wanted to write to thank you for the service that the Kensington Woods students performed at Wildwood during Project Term. The idea of installing community service and "giving back" into the mindset of high school students is an admirable endeavor, one that we have pursued for many years in the youth development of our participants. The philosophy that life cannot be all about me is an invaluable lesson. I hope that the remainder of your service projects help to engender these qualities in your students."
David T. Long, Jr.
Executive Director, Wildwood Ranch

"When Kensington Woods says they are a small personal high school, they mean it. The personal attention that I get from the administration and the teachers is a testament to how much these folks care about my daughter's education. She's never learned so much, advanced so quickly and enjoyed school so much as she does at Kensington Woods."
Kensington Woods Parent

"The students aren't just a number, they are a person. The students and teachers all care a lot about each other. "
Kensington Woods Student

"As my team and I are now safely back in San Diego and beginning to process through the last 10 weeks, I am continuously drawn back to the day we spent with Kensington Woods. It was such a unique and incredible day for my team to get to know your students so well. I have never seen a group grab hold of this cause with such creativity and I can't wait to hear what you all do in the future!"
Andrea Ramsay
Invisible Children Great Lakes Representative

"The student/teacher relationships empower my children to take responsibility for their actions. The staff supports the students in understanding that opportunity is there for them, and encourages them to reach for their goals. The faculty also holds the students accountable for their actions and supports them in growing from the choices they make."
Kensington Woods Parent

"Because of the smaller environment, you are not lost in the crowd and you form a connection with the teachers. Teachers are more tuned into what students need to help them succeed because of those connections."
Kensington Woods Student

"We weren't comfortable with the "big" school scene for our kids. My kids feel very safe and comfortable at KWoods. We wanted a school that would prepare our kids for college and still give individual attention. We have found that at Kensington Woods."
Kensington Woods Parent

"I like the variety that Kensington Woods offers; I get to try lots of new things through the electives, clubs and sports. "
Kensington Woods Student

"Kensington Woods has been a boon for my high school daughter. An additional unexpected bonus is  discovering through taking art classes there that she wants to pursue something in art as a career. Being able to take art on a daily basis has taught her much not only about art but about structuring her time, due to the demands and high expectations with her classes.  She has developed confidence in her abilities and discovered that she has academic strengths that she would not have known without having to test them in classroom settings.  I am very grateful for this experience for her."
Kensington Woods Parent

"We at OLHSA and our OLHSA Housing Department would like to thank you and let you know how much we appreciated the time and effort yo and all the volunteers in the Service KWoods class put into the clean-up of the house located on Isbell street. Your great work efforts were a tremendous help in assisting us in being able to pass this house back in very good condition to the USDA. The Kensington Woods Program is awesome and I hope we can work together again."
Mary Knurick
Housing Coordinator, OLHSA

"At Kensington Woods, staff and students that know one another make time for respect and understanding. Both engage in meaningful conversations about real things; sometimes shared with parents. And occasionally real laughter tumbles down the hallway! Parents are invited to come, ask questions, get answers and see for themselves what is going on, because they know the teachers too. Personal discovery that is sometimes tough, happens each and every day. "
Kensington Woods Parent

"The purple and green bears proved they can do it! On a drive where we predicted you would collect 25 units of blood, you achieved 34 life-saving units (with one person who was a deferral and one QNS--unable to fill a bag). Your students and the public saved 102 lives this week. The blood will be available for distribution tomorrow! And KWHS was the MOST productive drive in all of the Great Lakes Blood Region Friday collecting 136% of goal, and a combined deferral rate of less than 6% (which normally averages 15-20%). Out of 16 drives we ran Friday, only 8 made goal, and you were the most productive one."
J. Michael Lenninger
Donor Recruitment Representative - Livingston County
American Red Cross - Great Lakes Blood Region

"Once I came to open house, when I had the opportunity to speak with the teachers, I knew that this is where my son belonged.  He has grown so much this year as a young man, and I know that a lot of that is attributed to your school!  He has grown academically, he has opened up a lot socially...and I think the best thing of all that he has learned is that he can be himself!  I love that about the school ....I often sit while I am waiting for him after school and just watch the kids come out and most times I smile...I notice they seem happy....accepted....they are all different in their own little individual ways, and yet they seem to have a sort of peace about them.  Its as if being at this school has made them feel better about themselves too, I think you have given them the opportunity to have a place that gives them a chance to really find themselves and grow!" 
Kensington Woods Parent