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Michigan Merit Curriculum

KWHS has fully embraced the intention and spirit of the Michigan Merit Curriculum which believes that all students can attain a level of achievement that will serve them, as well as our State and Nation well in the future. The Merit Curriculum was developed in response to employers and colleges descriptions of what a successful student and employee is going to need in the future. To measure our success in meeting these rigorous standards we have adopted the ACT Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS). The EPAS sequence assesses students in 9th and 10th grade and yields a great deal of results for both the student and us. The student gets advice and guidance about careers they may be interested in, and counseling with regard to the education they need to achieve career goals. For the school, we are given data early enough to adjust our instruction to meet needs of all students or for individual students. While other schools use the EPAS, only KWHS has the benefit of small size to truly use the information for the students. Additionally, KWHS contracts with an outside company, Cambridge Educational Services, which allows us to provide services right in school that students in other schools would otherwise pay for in expensive “test prep” classes.