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KWoods Curriculum

The Kensington Woods Difference is defined, at the core, by the curriculum. The Kensington Woods Difference focuses on an academically challenging college-preparatory curriculum designed to meet state and national content standards as well as the ACT college-readiness standards. This curriculum is woven in with strong student/teacher relationships, character education and innovative teaching methods that bring the real world to the classroom all in a small, personal learning environment.

The Kensington Woods curriculum is designed to meet the expectations of the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) for high school and the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE) for the middle school program as well as the expectations of the Common Core. Kensington Woods has fully embraced the intention and spirit of the Michigan Department of Education's curriculum expectations which believes that all students can attain a level of achievement that will serve them, as well as our state and nation well in the future. The Merit Curriculum was developed in response to employers and colleges descriptions of what a successful student and employee is going to need in the future.

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