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Junior High Course Sequence

Students will complete a cycle of course that meet the requirements of the State of Michigan and serve as a strong foundation for high school. Courses will be organized around themes that connect all content areas and effectively cover the content expectations for Michigan and reflect the skills needed for high school and college success.

The Junior High Program will also include a strong Advisory program to meet multiple aims. The Advisory program will help create community among the cohort of students, develop social and emotional learning and character education as well as develop academic skills needed for success in junior high and high school. Students will also conduct career explorations and practice communication and collaboration.

Course Schedule

A typical schedule for a KWHS Junior High Student is integrated and thematic.

Typical Course Schedule


English (integrated with Social Studies)

Social Studies (integrated with English)



Various Electives, which can include:

World Languages




Students may also be eligible to take courses from Michigan Virtual University. The course catalog can be found here: