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Senior Exhibition

The Senior Exhibition is a graduation requirement designed to showcase student achievement through a representation of the qualities the school values: academics, character and service as well as independent thinking and personal responsibility. Students will be guided through their exhibition project throughout senior year in their English class.

In the course of the project students will be required to develop an “Essential Question” about a social issue, research the origins, causes and possible solutions to the problem, write a research paper and conduct a sustainable service project that relates to their research. Along the way seniors will develop skills in communicating, in project design and implementation, in organizing, in time management and in mentoring. The final exhibition is presented to staff, students, parents and the community in a celebration of their achievement.

Recent topics included:

Education Reform

Where is the Cure for Cancer?

Advertising and Consumer Awareness


The Effects of Social Networking

The Growing Rate of Autism

Food imbalance in Africa

Health Care Affordability

US Military Interventionism

Teen Crime - A Family Problem

The Consequence of the Decline of Respect in Society

Graffiti and how it can Benefit Society

The Effects of Mental Disorders on Students

Nature and Nurture of Prejudiccec

Alternative Energy

Law Enforcement Ethics

Police, Privacy and Technology

Divorce and Children

Broadening the Definition of Beauty

Video Games and Obesity

Anorexia and Promoting Positive Self-Image

PTSD and Veterans

The Case for Adoption


Recent examples of service learning projects include one student's project about autism. She first researched the causes and different forms of autism and also looked into its effects on those who have autism or are close to someone with autism. As part of her Service Learning project she presented her findings to the entire school. She also included guest speakers who had autism and spoke about their experiences firsthand.

Another recent student investigated the invasive Sea Lamprey and its effects in Michigan’s waters. For his Service Learning project he travelled out to Lake Michigan and worked with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, spraying lampricide and measuring the amount of sea lamprey in the area.