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Frequently Asked Questions

What are charter schools?

Charter schools are public schools operated independently of the larger school districts where they are located. They are public in every sense by being open to all students, non-selective in enrollment, non-religious, and tuition-free. 

How are Kensington Woods Schools (KWoods) different from the surrounding traditional public high schools?

How are charter schools funded?

Charter schools are funded on a per pupil basis with public dollars, however charters must pay for their own facilities through fundraising and/or their operating dollars as charters are not allowed local bond money for facility expenditures.

Do Kensington Woods students receive a “regular high school diploma”?

Absolutely.  As a State of Michigan public high school, Kensington Woods requires all students to master the Michigan Merit Curriculum in addition to our graduation requirements in order to earn their high school diploma.

Do I have to pay tuition?

No, charter schools are public schools. A nominal fee is assessed if you choose to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports, clubs and some Project Term courses. 

Why is there a lottery system for admissions?
Michigan charter law requires that we utilize a lottery in the admissions
process if we receive more applicants than spaces available.

How long is the school day and school year?

Classes begin at 8:15 a.m. and end at 3:40 p.m., except on Fridays when students are dismissed at 12pm. Students attend school on a similar calendar to the rest of the public schools in Livingston County.

Where do I have to live to attend Kensington Woods?

There is no residency requirement for attending Kensington Woods High School. We primarily serve students from Livingston County and its surrounding areas, including Howell, Brighton, Pinckney, Hartland, Fowlerville, South Lyon, Milford, Whitmore Lake and beyond.

What is the discipline code?

Students attending Kensington Woods adhere to a strict code of conduct. Expectations for student conduct, attendance and academic achievement are high. For more information on the school's discipline code, please refer to the student handbook.

My son or daughter is an average student. Will he/she succeed at Kensington Woods?

Yes, if he or she is willing to expend the effort necessary to succeed. High expectations are set for all students at Kensington Woods.  Within this environment of high expectations, the faculty of Kensington Woods assume a “whatever it takes” attitude toward supporting students in their academic work.