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Foreign Exchange Program

Since 2007, Kensington Woods has been offering students the unique opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange program with schools in Mexico and Germany.

Students from our school visit our partner school in Germany and immerse themselves in German culture for two weeks. Likewise we enjoy visits from our partner school in Cologne, Germany, and enjoyed the company of our guests from the IGSH, a comprehensive high school. Together our students explore the differences and similarities in culture and language, to build lasting friendships and understanding in this unique opportunity unrivaled by classroom experiences.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Foreign Exchange program, contact Markus Muennix at

Watch the video to experience their trip first hand. The video was put together by Dan Smith, Kensington Woods, Class of 2009.


Kensington Woods Germany Trip, 2008 from Kensington Woods High School on Vimeo.