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Life at Kensington Woods

The Kensington Woods campus reflects its learning environment. It is a smaller, intimate setting that promotes excellent student and teacher relationships.

There is are no strangers at KWoods. The decor, events, and extracurriculars are steered students. Each school year ends with an obvious sense of belonging to Kensington Woods and all that it stands for.

Kensington Woods believes that extracurricular participation plays a strong role in a student's personal and social development. Many studies show that when students are actively engaged in extracurricular activities, they do better in school because they learn how to manage time better, have more intrinsic motivation and have stronger relationships with their teachers and peers.

Kensington Woods provides extracurricular opportunities for all students and encourages all students to get involved. Students are also encouraged to work with other students and teachers to help the program grow by developing new activities that they would like to see.